6 Febbraio 2023

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International Photography Awards – Arch2O Photography Challenge 2021 
Sponsored by Arch2O Magazine, Peakdesign, Fotopro, Apple

Jury: Fernando Guerra, Aldo Amoretti, Ema Peter, Paul Eis, Paul Clemence, Yener Torun, Darren Bradley, Tom Blachford

Novazzano Residential Complex by Mario Botta (1989 – 1992, Switzerland)

This photo goes beyond pure architectural photography. It would like to give a positive message to a contemporary society characterized by the loss of values. Society as a whole, cannot accept a world without hope, but now, above all, it must seek the path of reconstruction. The situation we have experienced in the last year has highlighted a world where the work of the community. The real superheroes are all of us. “The world needs superheroes because their exploits help us overcome our greatest hopes”